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Metapolymath Podcast is complete.
A new "Happiness" themed podcast is being developed.
Metapolymath Podcast      

Episode 1: Introduction
Episode 2: The Direction of Comedy and Metapolymath
Episode 3: It is a Real Thing People Try to Get Under Your Skin
Episode 4: Relationships
Episode 5: Helping With Humor
Episode 6: The Mrs
Episode 7: Gravitate to Good
Episode 8: Rehearsal Time
Episode 9: #LovinFeelin
Episode 10: Negativity Jokes
Episode 11: #BESTLIFE
Episode 12: Coalition of Happiness
Episode 13: Become a Being of Happiness
Episode 14: #Happiness
Episode 15: #Happiness is the Most Important
Episode 16: #Happiness Experience in Work and School
Episode 17: Drive Happy, Work Happy, Live Happy
Episode 18: #Happiness & #Harmony
Episode 19: Personality Types & #Happiness
Episode 20: Ego vs #Happiness
Episode 21: #Happy Mistakes
Episode 22: Common Sense #Happiness
Episode 23: Best Laid Plans for #Happiness
Episode 24: Self-reliant #Happiness
Episode 25: #HappyBirthday
Episode 26: #AllowHappiness
Episode 27: #Heavenly #HappinessMorning © Metapolymath, LLC 2018

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