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Privacy Policy and De Facto Terms and Conditions
Pro Tempore

Metapolymath, LLC as owner hereby establishes the privacy policy in combination with the content, products and service controlled in the domain, "", on this day, the 30th of March, 2019.

The "" domain is the Internet and digital public identity of Metapolymath, LLC. based in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. The "" domain and Metapolymath, LLC may also be referred to as Metapolymath collectively. Within the "" domain, its sites, apps or other internet served content which originates from the "" domain may refer to itself also as, "Metapolymth", "we", "us", or "our".

The term, "domain", as it pertains to this privacy policy and other content, products and services controlled by the "" domain is with the intent to conform domain control and identity establishment of an entity on the Internet as outlined in the Internet Engineering Task Force guideline RFC 1034; to include all proprietary information controlled within the domain.

Metapolymath, wishes to mention at this time that our site does not currently use or intend to use a persons private or identifiable information without a record of their concent with any proprietary content. Metapolymath does purchase Google services as well as has a third-party vendor relationship with Google to allow content and service from Google to be deployed in the domain. Please refer to the Cookie Notice at the bottom of this webpage for information about how cookies are used within the domain.

For any privacy related inquires or concerns related to the proprietary content controlled by the domain please email or you may send written correspondence to:
Metapolyamth, LLC
PO Box 19236
Lenexa KS 66285-9236

At this time Metapolymath does not use any other third-party vendors or services other than Google and its affiliates within the control of the domain, but may elect to expand the vendor and service relationships to provide better content, products and services in demand by domain users in the future.

For digital Metapolyamth content on the Internet hosted by other domains, those domains privacy policies and terms of service prevail where Metapolymath, LLC does not have a proprietary ownership of the content, product or service being delivered by the third-party domain and for any inquires or concerns on privacy please connect with associated privacy resources provided by the third-party domain.

Thank you for electing to use and enjoy our content, products and services which are provided for you to use at your own risk in a manner with which you can safely use them for your enjoyment without any claim of liability. To use any content delivered by domain you must agree to not hold us liable for anything and if at any time you cannot safely use and enjoy without liability you must discontinue use immediatly. You must also agree that if at anytime you suspect our content has been corrupted by malicious activity to report it to us by contacting us by any aforementioned method. You also agree to not use any of the domain for the use of any known or unknown criminal, fraudulent or other malicious activity at anytime.

Please understand that while we are sympathetic to any issue or concern that may arise we hold the expectation that every individual undertands they are responsibile for their own actions as well as the concequences of any actions that where they elect to use anything; if you do not agree that you are responsible for yourself and what you use then you must not use any part of the domain. Only those who agree to use this site in accordance with this Privacy Policy and De Facto Terms and Conditions as how it is percieved and intended by Metapolymath, LLC may use it freely in whole or part with which it applies to the fullest extent of any law which applies.


As our site is owned and operaterated from within the State of Kansas in the United States of America (USA), Kansas law and the laws of the United States of America prevail as it relates to any part of how our business operates. Being able to interact in any method does not constitute any obligation or any contract. We interpret access as occuring within the United States and how users connect with the United States of America does not establish any legal presidents of any foriegn nation that the United States of America or any Soverign body including any State, Municipality or Entity must obvserve but rather the user agrees to and assumes all responsibility to follow all applicable laws within the United States of America and its subordinates aforementioned.  


For more details regarding dominion of the United States of America (USA) and its saftey and security practices for its sites and recommendations for all users within this dominion please feel free to visit The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at .


Cookie Notice
By operating your device with cookies enabled and successfully navigating to our site we interpret this as already having concented to recieve and send cookie data to be used for the optimal function of our site including any third party operations as the internet was enginnered to do. What operations do not implictly rely on cookies to function will remain available if cookies are disabled. We assume no responsibiltiy or liability for any user initiated risks or damages in choosing to access our site as we do not have complete control over any other entities person or property to manage such a risk or damage. Further it is the users reponsibilty to reasonably safeguard themselves proactivly by all means available to prevent any risk, damages or loss to their person or property prior during and after interacting with any part of our entity.

Cookies in accordance with RFC6265 help deliver domain content, products and services. By using any part of content, products and services within the domain, you agree to the domain use of cookies. Select this statement to expand and collapse information that you can use to learn more about Cookies, Advertisements, Privacy and contracted third-party content within the domain.

Within the domain cookies may be used to deliver content for users as well as digitally delivered paid content by domain content vendors and also domain service providers. This includes advertisement content from third-parties whom may use digital tracking to deliver customized user content. The domain may at any time elect to use any contracted third-party Google service to deliver both proprietary content as well as paid content from third-parties, including Google. If you have specific questions or concerns on any content delivered by the domain please reach out by email to .

For how Google uses cookies please view Google's policy on cookies found within the domain. Last known location for Google Cookie Policy: .

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